The newly nominated Chief Justice, Justice Anin Yeboah, has indicated that no one from the General Legal Council or from a higher authority is blocking the chances of Bachelor of Law students to become lawyers.

Justice Yeboah stated that the abysmal performance of LLB students at the law faculties is a factor in the mass failures at the law school.

Appearing before the Parliamentary Standing Committee on Appointments, the nominated Chief Justice pointed out that the problem of abysmal performance starts from the law faculties in the various universities.

Justice Yeboah disclosed that the General Legal Council (GLC) embarked on a tour to the various law faculties, and that the revelations at some schools were appalling.

He lamented that some of the law faculties in the various universities do not have basic law books at their libraries.

Justice Yeboah further revealed that some of the law faculties do not have lawyers as Deans, but rather ordinary lecturers who had no training in law.


He added that adequate provisions are made for law students, but it is unfortunate that the students keep on failing.

The nominated Chief Justice told the Appointments Committee that after the tour, it came to light that the failures at the various law faculties were unprecedented.

On the examinable subjects at the law school, Justice Yeboah stated that the General Legal Council is working with the Independent Examination Committee (IEC), to provide a pragmatic approach in making entrance examination timetable more flexible.


This followed a question from the Member of Parliament for Bawku Central, Mr. Mahama Ayariga, on entrance examination into the law school on mine subjects at the same time.

On the number of Justices appointed to the Supreme Court, Justice Yeboah explained that if possible, the Supreme Court should have a ceiling of sixteen Justices at the Apex Court.

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