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(1) Parliament shall appoint standing committees and other committees as may be necessary for the effective discharge of its functions.

(2) The standing committees shall be appointed at the first meeting of Parliament after the election of the Speaker and the Deputy Speakers.

(3) Committees of Parliament shall be charged with such functions, including the investigation and inquiry into the activities and administration of ministries and departments as Parliament may determine; and such investigation and inquiries may extend to proposals for legislation.

(4) Every member of Parliament shall be a member of at least one of the standing committees.

(5) The composition of the, committees shall, as much as possible, reflect the different shades of opinion in Parliament.

(6) A committee appointed under this article shall have the powers, rights and privileges of the High Court or a Justice of the High Court at a trial for—

(a) enforcing the attendance of witnesses and examining them on oath, affirmation or otherwise;

(b) compelling the production of documents; and

           (c) issuing a commission or request to examine witnesses abroad.