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(1) There shall be a Parliamentary Service which shall form part of the public services of Ghana.

(2) There shall be a Parliamentary Service Board which shall consist of—

(a) the Speaker, as chairman;

(b) four other members all of whom shall be appointed by the Speaker, acting in accordance with the advice of a committee of Parliament; and

(c) the Clerk to Parliament.

(3) There shall be a Clerk to Parliament who shall be the head of the Parliamentary Service.

(4) The appointment of the Clerk and the other members of his staff in the Parliamentary Service shall be made by the Parliamentary Service Board in consultation with the Public Services Commission.

(5) The Parliamentary Service Board shall, with the prior approval of Parliament, make regulations, by constitutional instrument, prescribing the terms and conditions of service of the officers and other employees in the Parliamentary Service and generally for the effective and efficient administration of the Parliamentary Service.