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(1) The Judiciary shall consist of -

(a) the Superior Courts of Judicature comprising

(i) the Supreme Court;

(ii) the Court of Appeal; and

(iii) the High Court and Regional Tribunals.

(b) such lower courts or tribunals as Parliament may by law establish.

(2) The Superior Courts shall be superior courts of record and shall have the power to commit for contempt to themselves and all such powers as were vested in a court of record immediately before the coming into force of this Constitution.

(3) Except as otherwise provided in this Constitution or as may otherwise be ordered by a court in the interest of public morality, public safety or public order, the proceedings of every court shall be held in public.

(4) In the exercise of the judicial power conferred on the Judiciary by this Constitution or any other law, the Superior Courts may, in relation to any matter within their jurisdiction, issue such orders and directions as may be necessary to ensure the enforcement of any judgment, decree or order of those courts.