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There shall be a Judicial Council which shall comprise the following persons

(a) the Chief Justice who shall be Chairman,

(b) the Attorney-General;

(c) a Justice of the Supreme Court nominated by the Justices of the Supreme Court.,

(d) a Justice of the Court of Appeal nominated by the Justices of the Court of Appeal;

(e) a Justice of the High Court nominated by the Justices of the High Court;

(f) two representatives of the Ghana Bar Association one of whom shall be a person of not less than twelve years' standing as a lawyer,

(g) a representative of the Chairmen of Regional Tribunals nominated by the Chairmen;

(h) a representative of the lower courts or tribunals;

(i) the Judge Advocate-General of the Ghana Armed Forces;

(j) the Head of the Legal Directorate of the Police Service;

(k) the Editor of the Ghana Law Reports;

(l) a representative of the Judicial Service Staff Association nominated by the Association;

(m) a chief nominated by the National House of Chiefs; and

           (n) four other persons who are not lawyers appointed by the President.