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(1) There shall be established by Act of Parliament within six months after Parliament first meets after the coming into force of this Constitution, a National Media Commission which shall consist of fifteen members as follows -

(a) one representative each nominated by

(i) the Ghana Bar Association;

(ii) the Publishers and Owners of the Private Press;

(iii) the Ghana Association of Writers and the Ghana Library Association;

(iv) the Christian group (the National Catholic Secretariat, the Christian Council, and the Ghana Pentecostal Council);

(v) the Federation of Muslim Councils and Ahmádiyya Mission;

(vi) the training institutions of journalists and communicators;

(vii) the Ghana Advertising Association and the Institute of Public Relations of Ghana; and

(viii) the Ghana National Association of Teachers;

(ix) the National Council on Women and Development;

(x) the Trade Unions Congress;

(xi) the Association of Private Broadcasters.

(b) two representatives nominated by the Ghana Journalists Association;

(c) two persons appointed by the President; and

(d) three persons nominated by Parliament.

(2) The Commission shall elect its own Chairman.

(3) A person who is a founding member of a political party, is a leader or a member of its executive or holds any office in a political party shall not be qualified to be a member of the Commission.