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(1) There shall be a Public Services Commission which shall perform such functions as assigned to it by this Constitution or by any other law.

(2) The Public Services Commission shall consist of-

(a) a chairman, a vice-chairman and three other members who shall be full-time members of the Commission; and

(b) such other members as Parliament may, subject to article 70 of this Constitution, by law prescribe.

(3) A person, shall not be qualified to be appointed a member of the Public Services Commission -

(a) if he is not qualified to be elected as a member of Parliament, or

(b) if he is otherwise disqualified from holding a public office.

(4) A person holding a public office shall, upon being appointed a full-time member of the Public Services Commission, resign from that public office.

(5) Subject to clause (6) of this article, the terms and conditions of service including retiring ages of a Justice of the Court of Appeal shall apply to the Chairman of the Public Services Commission and those of a Justice of the High Court shall apply to the Vice-Chairman.

(6) The provisions of article 146 of this Constitution relating to the removal from office of a Justice of the Superior Court of Judicature, shall apply -

(a) to the full-time members of the Public Services Commission;

(b) to the members of the Commission referred to in paragraph (b) of clause (2) of this article, before the expiration of their period of service as provided by law.

(7) The salaries, allowances, facilities and privileges payable or available to the members of the Commission other than the Chairman and Vice-Chairman, shall be determined under article 71 of this Constitution.