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There shall be established a Prisons Service Council which shall consist of-

(a) a chairman who shall be appointed by the President acting in consultation with the Council of State;

(b) the Minister responsible for internal affairs;

(c) the Director-General of the Prisons Service;

(d) a medical practitioner nominated by the Ghana Medical Association;

(e) a lawyer nominated by the Ghana Bar Association;,

(f) the Attorney-General or his representative;

(g) a representative of the Ministry or department of state responsible for social welfare;

(h) a representative of such religious bodies as the President may, in consultation with the Council of State, appoint;

(i) two members of the Prisons Service appointed by the President in consultation with the Council of State one of whom shall be of a junior rank;

(j) a representative of the National House of Chiefs; and

          (k) two other members appointed by the President.