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(1) The powers of the Commission shall be defined by Act of Parliament and shall include the power -

(a) to issue subpoenas requiring the attendance of any person before the Commission and the production of any document or record relevant to any investigation by the Commission;

(b) to cause -any person contemptuous of any such subpoena to be prosecuted before a competent Court;

(c) to question any person in respect of any subject matter under investigation before the Commission;

(d) to require any person to disclose truthfully and frankly any information within his knowledge relevant to any investigation by the Commissioner.

(2) The Commissioner shall not investigate -

(a) a matter which is pending before a court or judicial tribunal; or

(b) a matter involving the relations or dealings between the Government and any other Government or an international organization; or

          (c) a matter relating to the exercise of the prerogative of mercy.