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(1) Ghana shall have a system of local government and administration which shall, as far as practicable, be decentralized.

(2) The system of decentralized local government shall have the following features -

(a) Parliament shall enact appropriate laws to ensure that functions, powers, responsibilities and resources are at all times transferred from the Central Government to local government units in a coordinated manner;

(b) Parliament shall by law provide for the taking of such measures as are necessary to enhance the capacity of local government authorities to plan, initiate, co-ordinate, manage and execute policies in respect of all matters affecting the people within their areas, with a view to ultimately achieving localization of those activities;

(c) there shall be established for each local government unit a sound financial base with adequate and reliable sources of revenue;

(d) as far as practicable, persons in the service of local government shall be subject to the effective control of local authorities;

(e) to ensure the accountability of local government authorities, people in particular local government areas shall, as far as practicable, be afforded the opportunity to participate effectively in their governance.