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(1) There shall be established a Lands Commission which shall, in co-ordination with the relevant public agencies and governmental bodies, perform the following functions -

(a) on behalf of the Government, manage public lands and any lands vested in the President by this Constitution or by any other law or any lands vested in the Commission;

(b) advise the Government, local authorities and traditional authorities on the policy framework for the development of particular areas of Ghana to ensure that the development of individual pieces of land is coordinated with the relevant development plan for the area concerned;

(c) formulate and submit to Government recommendations on national policy with respect to land use and capability;

(d) advise on, and assist in the execution of, a comprehensive programme for the registration of title to land throughout Ghana; and

(e) perform such other functions as the Minister responsible for lands and natural resources may assign to the Commission;

(2) The Minister responsible for lands and natural resources may, with the approval of the President, give general directions in writing to the Lands Commission on matters of policy in respect of the functions of the Commission and the Commission shall comply with the directions.