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(1) A commission of inquiry shall -

(a) make a full, faithful and impartial inquiry into any matter specified in the instrument of appointment;

(b) report in writing the result of the inquiry; and

(c) furnish in the report the reasons leading to the conclusions stated in the report.

(2) Where a commission of inquiry makes an adverse finding against any person, the report of the commission of inquiry shall, for the purposes of this Constitution, be deemed to be the judgment of the High Court; and accordingly, an appeal shall lie as of right from the finding of the commission to the Court of Appeal.

(3) The President shall, subject to clause (4) of this article cause to be published the report of a commission of inquiry together with the White Paper on it within six months after the date of the submission of the report by the commission.

(4) Where the report of a commission of inquiry is not to be published, the President shall issue a statement to that effect giving reasons why the report is not to be published.

(5) A finding of a commission of inquiry shall not have the effect of a judgment of the High Court as provided under clause (2) of this article, unless -

(a) six months have passed after the finding is made and announced to the public; or

(b) the Government issues a statement in the Gazette and in the national media that it does not intend to issue a White Paper on the report of the commission whichever is the earlier.

(6) The right of appeal conferred by clause (2) of this article on a person against whom a finding has been made, shall be exercisable within three months after the occurrence of either of the events described in clause (5) of this article or such other time as the High Court or the Court of Appeal may, by special leave and on such conditions as it may consider just, allow.