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(1) Disabled persons have the right to live with their families or with foster parents and to participate in social, creative or recreational activities.

(2) A disabled person shall, not be subjected to differential treatment in respect of his residence other than that required by his condition or by the improvement which he may derive from the treatment.

(3) If the stay of a disabled person in a specialized establishment is indispensable, the environment and living conditions there shall be as close as possible to those of the normal life of a person of his age.

(4) Disabled persons shall be protected against all exploitation, all regulations and all treatment of a discriminatory, abusive or de grading nature.

(5) In any judicial proceedings which a disabled person is a party the legal procedure applied shall take his physical and mental condition into account.

(6) As far as practicable, every place to which the public has access shall have appropriate facilities for disabled persons.

(7) Special incentives shall be given to disabled persons engaged in business and also to business organizations that employ disabled persons in significant numbers.

(8) Parliament shall enact such laws as are necessary. to ensure the enforcement of the provisions of this article.