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(1) The State shall endeavour to secure and protect a social order founded on the ideals and principles of freedom, equality, justice, probity and accountability as enshrined in Chapter 5 of this Constitution; and in particular, the State-shall direct its policy towards ensuring that every citizen has equality of rights, obligations and opportunities before the law.

(2) The State shall enact appropriate laws to assure—

(a) the enjoyment of rights of effective participation in development processes including rights of people to form their own associations free from state interference and to use them to promote and protect their interests in relation to development processes, rights of access to agencies and officials of the State necessary in order to realise effective participation in development processes; freedom to form organizations to engage in self-help and income generating projects; and freedom to raise funds to support those activities;

(b) the protection and promotion of all other basic human rights and freedoms, including the rights of the disabled, the aged, children and other vulnerable groups in development processes.

(3) In the discharge of the obligations stated in clause (2) of this article, the State, shall be guided by international human rights instruments which recognize and apply particular categories of basic human rights to development processes.

(4) The State shall maintain a population policy consistent with the aspirations and development needs and objectives of Ghana.

(5) The State shall ensure that adequate facilities for sports are provided throughout Ghana and that sports are promoted as a means of fostering national integration, health and self-discipline as well as international friendship and understanding.

(6) The State shall—

(a) ensure that contributory schemes are instituted and maintained that will guarantee economic security for self-employed and other citizens of Ghana; and

          (b) provide social assistance to the aged such as will enable them to maintain a decent standard of living.