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(1) The President shall not, while he continues in office as President—

(a) hold any other office of profit or emolument whether private or public and whether directly or indirectly; or

(b) hold the office of chancellor or head of any university in Ghana.

(2) The President shall not, on leaving office as President, hold any office of profit or emolument, except with the permission of Parliament, in any establishment, either directly or indirectly, other than that of the State.

(3) The President shall receive such salary, allowances and facilities as may be prescribed by Parliament on the recommendations of the committee referred to in article 71 of this Constitution.

(4) On leaving office, the President shall receive a gratuity in addition to pension, equivalent to his salary and other allowances and facilities prescribed by Parliament in accordance with clause (3) of this article.

(5) The salary, allowances, facilities, pensions and gratuity referred to in clauses (3) and (4) shall be exempt from tax.

(6) Where the President is removed from office under paragraph (c) of clause (1) of article 69 of this Constitution or resigns, he shall be entitled to such pension and other retiring awards and facilities as Parliament may prescribe on the recommendation of the Committee referred to in article 71 of this Constitution.

(7) The salary and allowances payable to the President and any pension or gratuity payable to him on leaving office shall be charged on the Consolidated Fund.

(8) The salary, allowances, facilities and privileges of the President shall not be varied to his disadvantage while he holds office.

(9) The pension payable to the President and the facilities available to him shall not be varied to his disadvantage during his lifetime.