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(1) A bill which has been published in the Gazette or passed by Parliament shall be considered by the Council of State if the President so requests.

(2) A request from the President for consideration of a bill may be accompanied by a statement setting forth the amendments or changes, if any, which the President proposes for consideration by the Council of State.

(3) Consideration of a bill under clause (1) of this article shall be completed within thirty days after the third reading in Parliament of that bill except that where the bill was passed under a certificate of urgency, the Council of State shall consider it and report to the President within seventy-two hours.

(4) Where the Council of State decides not to propose an amendment to a bill the Chairman shall, within seven days after the decision of the Council, transmit the bill with a certificate to that effect addressed to the President.

(5) Where the Council of State decides to propose amendments to a bill, the bill, with a memorandum setting forth the amendments proposed on the bill, shall be transmitted by the chairman to the President within fifteen days after the conclusion of the consideration by the Council of State.