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The principal enactment is amended in section 40 by

(a) the substitution for the definition of "accountable institution" of  "accountable institution" includes a person specified in the Schedule";

(b) the insertion of a new definition after "Minister" of "non-governmental organization" means a civil society group or non-profit body of persons formed to pursue purposes that are lawful and that are nonprofit but orientated towards a public interest";

(c) the insertion of new definitions after "property" of "record" means a material on which data is recorded or marked and which is capable of being read or understood by a person, computer system or other device; "suspicious" means a matter which is beyond mere speculation and based on some foundation";

(d) the insertion of new definitions after "terrorist property" of  "transaction" includes an act which establishes a right or obligation or gives rise to a contractual or legal relationship between the parties to the contract or legal relationship and any movement of funds by any means with a covered institution; "unusual" means a matter that is suspicious and has a different pattern because it is inconsistent with the client's profile and does not have an economic or legal explanation;" and

(e) the insertion of a new definition after "weapon" of "weapon of mass destruction" means a weapon that can cause death or significant harm to members of the public, to property or to the environment".