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(1) Without prejudice to section 7 of this Act, there is hereby established a National Disaster Management Committee referred to as "the National Committee".

(2) The National Committee shall consist of the following members-

(a) the Minister responsible for the Interior who shall be the Chairman;

(b) a representative from each of the following-

(i) Ministry of the Interior;

(ii) Ministry of Finance;

(iii) Ministry of Health;

(iv) Ministry of Employment and Social Welfare;

(v) Ministry of Information;

(vi) Ministry of Local Government and Rural Development;

(vii) Ministry of Defence;

(viii) Ministry of Environment, Science and Technology;

(ix) Ministry of Transport and Communications; and

(x) National Development Planning Commission; and

(c) the National Co-ordinator of the Organisation who shall be the secretary to the Committee.

(3) The Regional Minister of the region where a disaster has occurred shall be a member of the National Committee for the duration of the disaster.

(4) A representative of a Ministry appointed under this section shall not be below the rank of a chief director.