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(1) The Commission shall ordinarily meet at such times and at such places as the Chairman may direct but shall meet at least once in every two months.

(2) The Chairman shall upon the request of not less than one third of the membership convene a special meeting of the Commission

(3) At every meeting of the Commission the Chairman shall preside and in his absence a member elected by the members from among their number shall preside.

(4) The quorum for any meeting of the Commission shall be eight members. [As Amended by the National Media Commission (Amendment) Act, 1998 (Act 561)].

(5) Every question before a meeting of the Commission shall be determined by a simple majority of votes of members present and voting, and where there is equality of votes, the Chairman or person presiding shall have a second or casting vote

(6) Any member who fails to attend three consecutive ordinary meetings of the Commission without reasonable excuse shall cease to be a member.

(7) A member of the Commission who has any interest in a contract proposed to be made with the Commission or any matter for discussion by the Commission shall disclose the nature of his interest to the Commission and shall, unless the meeting otherwise directs, be disqualified from participating in any deliberations on that contract or matter and shall, in any case be disqualified from voting on any decision on that contract or matter.

(8) A member who fails to disclose his interest under sub-section (7) of this section shall be removed from the Commission.

(9) The validity of any proceedings of the Commission shall not be affected by any vacancy among its members or by any defect in their appointment.

(10) Except as otherwise expressly provided in this Act, the Commission shall determine the procedure for its meetings.