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(1) The Commission may on an application by a public utility, grant to the public utility a licence to -

(a) distribute and sell electricity; or

(b) distribute and sell natural gas without discrimination in such areas or zones as shall be designated and specified in the licence.

(2) A licence granted under subsection (1) shall be on such conditions as the Commission shall determine and shall include a condition that the rates or charges for its services shall be subject to the approval of the Public Utilities Regulatory Commission.

(3) The Commission shall in granting a licence under subsection (1) take into account-

(a) the demand and supply of electricity or natural gas in the designated area or zone;

(b) the capability to interconnect distribution facilities or installations with transmission systems in the designated area or zone; and

(c) the ability to fulfil the obligation to provide electricity or natural gas within the designated area or zone.

(4) A public utility licensed under subsection (1) to distribute electricity or natural gas shall make available to the public for inspection at its offices diagrams and maps of the electricity or gas facilities authorised by the Commission to be operated in the designated area or zone relevant to its licence.