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(1) Subject to this Act where an immigration officer is satisfied that a person other than a citizen of Ghana entering Ghana;

(a) is in possession of a valid passport or other travel document and a valid visa to enter Ghana where applicable;

(b) is exempted from obtaining a visa to enter Ghana;

(c) has his name endorsed upon a visa and is in the company of the holder of the visa;

(d) has applied and been granted an emergency entry permit; or

(e) is a person admitted to diplomatic status by the Government of Ghana, the immigration officer may permit that person to enter Ghana for a period that may be specified.

(2) A prohibited immigrant within the meaning of section 8 shall not be permitted to enter Ghana.

(3) Where a person who appears before an immigration officer does not have a visa or an emergency entry permit, the immigration officer may grant him a visa subject to such conditions as may be prescribed by Regulations, and to such other conditions that the immigration officer may impose.

(4) Conditions prescribed for the purpose of this section may relate to-

(a) security to be furnished whether by bond, deposit or otherwise, and the liability of the person who provides the security;

(b) place of residence in Ghana;

(c) occupation or business to be followed or undertaken;

(d) any activities which might offend the religious beliefs of any section of the community;

(e) in the case of permission for passing through Ghana, the route to be followed; and

           (f) in the case of any condition or permit in the form of a pass, the return of the pass.