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(1) Any person other than a prohibited immigrant aggrieved by a-

(a) refusal to grant or renew a permit under this Act;

(b) revocation of a permit under this Act; or

(c) repatriation ordered by an immigration officer may submit a petition to the Minister within seven days of such action and the Minister shall subject to subsection (3) take such action as he considers appropriate.

(2) Subsection (1) does not apply to a deportation order issued under an executive instrument under the hand of the Minister.

(3) The Minister shall in determining a petition under subsection (1) be assisted by a committee comprising the following persons

(a) a representative of the Attorney-General not below the rank of a Senior State Attorney, who shall be the chairman of the committee;

(b) a representative of the Minister for Foreign Affairs not below the rank of a Director; and

           (c) one other person appointed by the Minister who shall not be an officer or employee of the Immigration Service.