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(1) The Council is composed of

(a) a chairperson;

(b) a representative of the Ministry of Health not below the rank of a Director;

(c) a representative of the Ghana Health Service not below the rank of a Director,

(d) one representative of the Society of Private Medical and Dental Practitioners nominated by the Ghana Medical Association;

(e) one representative of the Pharmaceutical Society of Ghana;

(f) one representative each of licensed

(i) mutual health insurance schemes;

(ii) private health insurance schemes;

(g) one representative of the Minister responsible for Finance not below the rank of a Director;

(h) one legal practitioner with experience in health insurance nominated by the Ghana Bar Association;

(i) one representative of the National Insurance Commission;

(j) one person representing Organised Labour;

(k) two persons representing consumers one of whom shall be a woman;

(l) a representative each from

(i) the Ministry of Local Government;

(ii) Social Security and National Insurance Trust (SSNIT); and

(m) the Executive Secretary appointed under section 92.

(2) The chairperson and the other members of the Council shall be appointed by the President in consultation with the Council of State.