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(1) Subject to these Regulations, a public utility may terminate the service it provides to a consumer where the consumer:

(a) fails to pay for the bills for the service used for more than twenty-eight days from date of demand of payment;

(b) defaults on an agreed payment schedule for the service;

(c) defaults on an agreed payment schedule for the installation of the service;

(d) tampers or interferes with a meter or a public utility equipment or permits any person to damage any of the public utility's installation or equipment;

(e) illegally connects the service or allows the service to be used in such a manner as to interfere with the supply to others;

(f) uses a service which was legally connected in an unauthorized manner;

(g) refuses to allow a public utility employee or agent to read a meter or check utility equipment when the public utility employee has followed the prescribed procedures for obtaining access; or

(h) Requests the termination himself.

(2) A public utility may also terminate a service it provides to a consumer without notice where any part of the apparatus or equipment connected with supply to the premises of the consumer becomes defective or unsafe and disconnection becomes necessary for maintenance or repairs.