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An application for approval for the export of non-ferrous scrap metal shall

(a) be made in writing to the Minister for Trade and Industry, and

(b) contain the following information:

(i) a business registration certificate from the Registrar General’s Department;

(ii) a business registration certificate from the Ghana Investment Promotion  Centre, where the company has foreign equity participation;

(iii)  a certificate which identifies the place of  business of the applicant issued by the Environmental Protection Agency and Department of Factories Inspectorate;

(iv)  a registration  certificate  from  the  Social  Security  and  National Insurance  Trust  covering  the  number  of  workers  employed  by  the export company and which provides evidence of the social security payment;

(v) a Tax Clearance Certificate from the Internal Revenue Service;

(vi) a receipt evidencing repatriation of export proceeds of any previous shipment of  approved  exports of  non-ferrous scrap  metal from the banker of the exporter; and

(vii) evidence of proof that the Ghana Standards Board has conducted an inspection  of  the  consignment  of  any  scrap  metal  covered  by  the application.