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(1) Subject to these Regulations, the Commission shall grant a permit to an applicant who satisfies the requirements of these Regulations.

(2) Where the Commission has reasons based on

(a) technical data,

(b) sustainability of the water resources,

(c) national security,

(d) public safety, or

(e) other reasonably justification

the Commission shall refuse to grant the permit to the applicant

(3) The Commission shall within fourteen days communicate the reasons for the refusal of a permit to the applicant

(4) A permit granted by the Commission is subject to the conditions specified in the permit

(5) Unless otherwise stated, a permit granted by the Commission shall be subject to ratification by Parliament

(6) Where the Commission grants a permit, the Commission shall

(a) enter the particulars of the permit in the Water Register, and

(b) publish the fact of the grant in the mass media in a form that the Commission may determine

(7) The Commission shall furnish a District Assembly with a list of all approved permits granted within its area.