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An operator who own or controls a network or other essential facility upon which other competing cooperators  depend for the efficient provision of their services or who has a dominant position in a geographical market specified in its licence, shall not resort to conduct or practices that unfairly disadvantage rival operators or that  are calculated to keep out competition such a

(a) limiting access to a network or interconnection:

(b) providing sub-standard access:

(c) permitting access only under onerous terms:

(d) subsidizing competitive services by revenues obtained from non- competitive services:

(e) linking the provision of a monopolized service to the purchase of other services:

(f) the use of fraudulent reporting and spurious accounting declaration and processes to impede the financial commercial growth of competitors or any such act that limits competition; or

(g) Unilaterally linking commercial disputes with interconnection issues to cause undue harm and injury to end-users.