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(1) The Authority shall grant a licence under the Act where it is satisfied that the communication system in respect of which application is made is suitable for the services intended to be rendered and can technically be provided in the country.

(2) The Authority shall not grant a licence in the following cases:

(a) where it decides on reasonable grounds that the grant of a licence will present a real or potential danger to public order, public morality, or the national security;

(b) Where it determines that the applicant does not posses the requisite technical or financial capabilities to meet the terms and obligations of the licence or, in the case of an application for the provision of a public communications services, the applicant cannot carry through a required plan for the expansion of the services;

(c) where a Iicence previously granted to the applicant or any of its shareholders or partners, was cancelled by the Authority and at least 2 years have not elapsed from the date of the cancellation; except that, this ground for denial of a licence shall not apply if payment of nay fees required by these or other Regulations and the applicant pays all the· required fees; or

(d) Where the licence had been cancelled on three occasions for default in the payments of sums due to the Authority.