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(1) Upon receipt of the application, the Authority shall satisfy itself that the information required under regulation 126 and all other information have been provided.

(2) Where any required information is not supplied, the applicant shall be notified of this within 5 working days of the receipt of the application and shall be allowed 5 working days to correct the omission.'

(3) The Authority shall inform the applicant in writing of its receipt of a completed application with 5 working days of receipt of the completed application form. ·

(4) If the applicant fails to comply with sub-regulation (2), the application shall be rejected and the documents submitted with the application shall be made available for collection by the applicant, except that where the applicant fails to collect the documents, the Authority may dispose of them after the expiration of 45 days from the date the information to collect the documents was conveyed to the applicant unless earlier collected.

(5) Where the Authority decides that a public hearing should be held on an application, the publication must contain a notice of the public hearing indication the place, date and time of the public hearing which shall be held in accordance with regulation 139.

(6) The Authority shall evaluate the application by examining comments replies and responses submitted by the applicant, the general public and the outcome of any public hearing. ·

(7) After the evaluation, and not later than 50 days after publication of the notice under sub-regulation (5), a report on the application shall be laid before the Board recommending the grant or rejection of the application.

(8) Not later than 65 days after the publication of the application under sub-regulation (5), the Authority shall inform the applicant in writing of the decision of the Board on its application.