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(1) Disputes -other than interconnection disputes arising between operators which under the Act may submitted to the Authority or the Board for settlement shall be dealt with as provided for under this Sub-Part for resolution.

(2) The disputes referred to in sub-regulation (1) include disputes that

(a) allege unfair competition or abuse of dominant position in the communications industry by an operator;

(b) Concern rates, charges and any other payments or compensations arising under agreements between. operators;

(c) Relate to technical aspects of pub! ic communications service;

(d) concern damaging interference to an operator's communications service caused by another operator; relate to any other facility or service which, under the regulations, an operator is required to provide to another operator;

(e)concern any direct or indirect cross-subsidy or preferential treatment of two licensed entities with some element of common ownership; and

(f) Concern any preferential treatment given by one licensed operator to another license operator in a matter where the preferential treatment is prohibited by law or by these regulations.