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(1) A person who owns a dam or operates a dam shall, apply to the Commission for the registration of that dam.

(2) The application shall be made in writing, as set out in the Second Schedule, within three months after the date on which the dam is capable of containing, storing and impounding water.

(3) A person who fails or neglects to register a dam in accordance with these Regulations commits an offence and is liable on summary conviction to a fine of not less than five hundred penalty units and not more than seven hundred and fifty penalty units and a further fine of two hundred penalty units for each month that the offence continues.

(4) For purposes of this regulation, a successor in title to the owner of a dam or a successor in title to the operator of a dam shall, inform the Commission of any change in the ownership of that dam or control of that dam within three months after assuming the ownership of that dam or control of that dam, and the Commission shall effect the necessary changes in the register.