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(1) On opening a bank account for a department, the Controller and Accountant-General, shall communicate to the bank the conditions under which the account will be operated, which shall include

(a)  prohibition of overdraft on the bank account;  

(b) names and specimen signatures of officers authorised to sign cheques  on the  bank account; and

(c) a requirement for the Bank to provide the head of department with a bank statement.

(2) The Controller and Accountant-General shall maintain a register of all Government bank accounts including the details of officers authorised to operate these accounts.

(3)  Any public officer who opens or operates any Bank Account for a department, which is not authorised by the Controller and Accountant - General is in breach of financial discipline as defined in regulation 8(1).

(4)  Any bank that opens an account for any department without the authority of the Controller and Accountant-General is in breach of these Regulations and liable to sanctions by the Bank of Ghana.