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Payments out of the Consolidated Fund in times of emergency shall be made in accordance with the following:

(a) an application shall first be made to the sector Minister by the department concerned;

(b) the sector Minister shall as soon as practicable, on receipt of the application, provide comments on it and forward it to the Minister;

(c) on receipt of the application together with the comments, the Minister may, within a reasonable time having regard to the circumstances, approve of the necessary adjustments to the application;

(d) the decision of the Minister shall be communicated to 

(i) the department through the sector Minister and 


(ii) the Controller and Accountant-General as soon as the decision is made and the Controller and Accountant-General shall act accordingly; and

 (e) the Minister shall within 3 working days of making the decision, cause a copy of the application together with the comments and  the Minister’s decision, to be delivered to Parliament.