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(1) In this Law unless the context otherwise requires-

"authorised officer" means an immigration officer, a police officer or any public officer authorised by the Secretary to implement any provision of this Law;

"country of nationality" in relation to a person who has more than one nationality, means each of the countries of which that person is a national;

"member of family" in relation to a refugee means-

(a) any spouse of the refugee;

(b) any unmarried child of the refugee under the age of eighteen years; or

(c) any other person who is related to the refugee by blood or marriage and who by reason of old age, infirmity or minority is dependent upon the refugee.

"PNDC" means a the Provisional National Defence Council;

"refugee" means a person who-

(a) falls within the definition provided in -

(i) Article 1 of the 1951 United Nations Convention set out in Part I of the Schedule to this Law; or

(ii) Article 1 of the 1967 Protocol Relating to the Status of Refugee, set out in Part II of the Schedule to this Law; or

(iii) Article 1 of the 1969 Organisation of African Unity Convention Governing the Specific Aspects of Refugee Problems in Africa set out in Part III of the Schedule to this Law; or

(b) belongs to a class of persons declared by the PNDC as refugees.

(2) A person shall not be considered to be a refugee under this Law-

(a) when there are serious reasons to believe that he has committed a crime against peace, a war crime or a crime against humanity, as defined in any international instrument to which Ghana is a party and which has been drawn up to make provisions in respect of such crimes; or

(b) if he has been guilty of acts contrary to the purposes and principles of the Organisation of African Unity.

"Secretary" means the PNDC Secretary responsible for the Interior.