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(1) The National Council shall, as soon as possible after the expiration of each financial year, but within six months after the expiration of that financial year, submit to the Commissioner an annual report dealing generally with the activities and operations of the National Council and the implementation generally of the provisions of this Decree within that year.

(2) Without prejudice to the generality of subsection (1) of this section, the annual report shall include -

(a) such information with regard to the proceedings and policy of the National Council and the proceedings of the Assembly within the year as the National Council may consider appropriate;

(b) the audited accounts of the National Council together with the Auditor-General's report thereon;

(c) reports submitted in relation to that year by the Internal Auditor under section 32 of this Decree;

(d) such other information as the Commissioner may by writing request.

(3) Copies of the annual report shall be forwarded to the Commissioner responsible for Finance, the State Enterprises Commission and the Government Statistician.

(4) The Commissioner shall as soon as possible, after receiving the annual report, submit it to the Supreme Military Council.

(5) The National Council shall also submit to the Commissioner such other reports concerning the implementation of this Decree as the Commissioner may, in writing, reasonably request from time to time.